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Credit When Credit Is Due

If you’re interested in improving your finances and getting on track with good credit, then Credit When Credit Is Due is a great program for you to complete. This is a comprehensive financial education program delivered through traditional textbook format with 12 important financials lessons and includes downloadable worksheets. Or you can choose the new online program using state of the art, web-based technology. You can learn how to manage your personal finances in your spare time from the comfort of your own home.

national recognition
When you successfully complete the final review, you will be entered in the Credit When Credit is Due national database and receive a completion packet. The packet contains an embossed plastic card with your name and registration number on it. The packet also includes three correspondence cards that you can send to the three credit-reporting agencies. The cards allow you to add a positive statement to your credit report. Once the credit-reporting agencies receive these cards, anyone that pulls your credit report see the following statement:  “I have successfully completed Credit When Credit is Due- Credito Al Merito a 12 lesson national standardized education program on credit and financial education. Proof of completion can be verified. My book registration number is xxxxxxx.”

score some points
Your credit report and credit score are vital components to your financial success. The lessons you learn from the Credit When Credit is Due program can help you to improve your credit score. By applying the fundamental concepts you gain from Credit When Credit Is Due in everyday life, the average student will notice an increase in their credit score in less than six months and you can too*. Just register with one of the Credit When Credit is Due partners found nationwide or use the Contact Us link for help finding the one that is right for you.

*Simply taking the program and adding the positive statement to your credit report will not change your score.

get started
To register for Credit When Credit is Due , enroll with one of the many national partners that offers this course, or Click here to have us help you find one that’s just right for you

Click here to go to the Credit When Credit Is Due website.

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